Abel Cry Productions

Edward Kidwell

Christmas Songs
01 Christmas Medley
02 Hark and Come Counterpoint
03 Angels We Have Heard On High
04 Away In A Manger
The Cities of the Plain
01 The Cities of the Plain
The Conscience Clean
01 The Conscience Clean
The End of Life
The End of Life
New Life, Finis Coronat Opus
New Life, Finis Coronat Opus
Noah’s Ark (single)
Noah's Ark
Nostalgia, Times Will Change
01 Times Will Change
Padded Cells and Catharsis
01 Center Stage (Delusion)
02 Dying Creatures (Narcissism)
03 God Sees It All (Pride)
04 The Blood Still Flows (Trauma)
05 His Yoke Is Easy featuring Casey Mammen (Hypertension)
06 Somebody Help Me (Suicide)
07 Tomorrow's Headline (Denial)
08 By The Tens (Death Anxiety)
09 Not Going Back, Paul's Epistles (Redemption)
10 Hopelessly Human (Self Awareness)
11 Soon and Very Soon (Hope)
Something On The Horizon
Something On The Horizon
01 Sundown